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What are RC models?

RC (remote controlled) model airplanes are scale replicas of real airplanes that are controlled by remote control. These models are often used for recreational flying and are equipped with electric motors, internal combustion engines or other drives. RC models provide aviation enthusiasts with the opportunity to simulate flights and improve their piloting skills.

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We are passionate lovers of RC model airplanes and regularly attend various exhibitions and events. These events are an endless source of inspiration for us and the opportunity to meet with equally enthusiastic people.

At the exhibitions, we had the opportunity to present the latest technological innovations, elegant designs and share experiences with other modelers.

Each exhibition is a unique adventure that draws you into the fascinating world of RC model airplanes and provides an opportunity to discover new perspectives and ideas for my own modeling projects.”

Why choose our RC planes?

  1. Powerful Motors: Our aircraft are powered by powerful electric motors that provide reliable performance and quick takeoff.
  2. Easy Controls: For beginners and advanced modelers, we have developed aircraft with easy controls that allow for smooth maneuvers and trouble-free flight.
  3. Elegant Design: Each model is designed with an emphasis on detail and aesthetics. They are not only technical miracles, but also beautiful pieces that will please your eyes.
  4. Different Types and Spans: Whether you like fast fighters, elegant sailboats or traditional airplanes, our range includes different types and spans of wings to suit all tastes.
  5. Durable Materials: The models are made of light and durable materials that guarantee a long life even with regular use.
  6. Social Actions and Events: We are part of a community of model making enthusiasts. Join us at our social events, where you can exchange experiences with other modelers and get new inspirations.

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Flying with RC models, whether with airplanes, helicopters or drones, is a fascinating experience that combines a passion for technology with the joy of flying.


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